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Gift Your Child The Perfect Childhood!
December 22 2017

Gift Your Child The Perfect Childhood!Once you become a parent, your priorities change and you want to give the world to your child. The greatest gift, however, is a lifetime spent in learning and growing. Your child will eventually figure out what they want from the world.

Gera's Song Of Joy addresses this very predicament.

Let your child truly thank you – for the gift of a cherished childhood and a fine future!


Holistic Childhood

At Gera's Song Of Joy, we believe every child must be given the opportunity to explore their budding talents.

A holistic educational experience channels arts, music and sports along with academics.

Enrol your children in academies run by Vishwanathan Anand, Shankar Mahadevan & Anil Kumble and watch their little wings take full-fledged flight!


Happy Childhood

Apart from offering sports coaching, dance, music & art classes, and the best of tutors for schoolwork, our ChildCentric Homes also understand that a child really just wants to have fun.

Let your kids splash away in an Olympic-sized swimming pool, or feel the rush of the wind in their hair at the country's first BMX & Skateboard Park! They can even engage their minds in the indoor gaming room.

Our definition of fun doesn't involve TV screens and mindless gizmos. We know that a childhood spent in the bright outdoors forms an endearing memory for every child.


Safe Childhood

For your toddlers, our ChildCentric Homes have rounded corners, higher balcony rails, stairway guards, vehicle-free play zones – so you can let your littlest one go on a solo adventure with no worries.

It's hard to give your children your full attention, especially when you are juggling work and family life. At Gera's Song Of Joy, there will always be someone to look after your child – at the day-care, at the crèche or a resident granny herself!


In the end, what are neighbours for?

To gift your child the perfect childhood


I’ve been a sports person, and also captained my throwball and volleyball teams. I understand the importance of extracurricular activities in our growing up years.

Trainings provide a child with the required discipline when working within teams as well as gives one the chance to follow what makes you happy. It also enables an overall development!
Dance has been my passion since I was a child and I have been thrilled to see both my little ones have this in their genes too.

This opportunity really came to my doorstep through Gera. My daughters Lavanya and Diya have had an enthralling experience being a part of not just one but three Academies (The Shiamak Davar Dan..

I cannot thank you enough for making our journey with Gera so so interesting and mind-blowing. I had never ever imagined my life taking a beautiful turn with me beginning to start my career as a music teacher that too with SMA (Shankar Mahadevan Academy) and all this has been possible only because of GERA and YOU my dear.
It is only because of your efforts and kind gesture that I could meet the man himself (Shankar Ji) and have a small recording session with him. That was like a dream come true.
I am super excited to start my journey with SMA and Gera as a teacher now.

Apart from that, Me and Prateek have always been grateful to you for making Shiamak happen for us and I ..

It was indeed a pleasure being a part of the Christmas celebrations at Astoria. Kudos to the Gera team for bringing in such a wonderful event with great carol singing participation from our own kids. It brought in the spirit of Christmas and the games, Santa, the gifts only added to it. Thanks for organising such a wonderful event which helped in community building...looking forward to many more such celebrations!


The Christmas event organised at Astoria was a big success and a big step in bridging the gap between us and Gera. It was a memorable event as we are still in the beginning of our journey of life in our little home at Astoria. The kids have been the happiest of all and what more can we ask for when we see smiles on the faces of our little ones. Kudos to you and your team for making this event a huge success! Looking forward to many more in the years to come.


The Christmas party organised by Gera at Astoria this year was a great success with good participation from kids and parents. Our children Sia and Saish enjoyed the party to the fullest. Sia, in particular, had a gala time and reiterated her stand that Anita aunty's parties are THE BEST.... We as your customers take much pride in informing our friends that such goodwill gestures are one of the many differentiators Gera brings to us, which no other builder in Goa can boast of. Many thanks to you and your team for doing an excellent job in putting up this event. We look forward to the next one! A big thanks to the Gera Management for its efforts in community building.