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Gera's Emerald City: J. P. Yadav

It was a great experience. This event really made people come together and have interaction with each other. In a nutshell it was an great event wherein people of each age group has enjoyed. Everybody else has also appreciated the way it was planned. So once again on behalf of our family we really thank you for the efforts taken by you and Gera group.  I would suggest, you should bring your CRM team along with you. So that they can share their views in regards with suggestions which you can implement in your upcoming projects.

Saleel Kulkarni - Gera's Regent Tower

'I visited your site which is at Baner. Mr Prashant gave all the details of the project. I feel that I should reply on your project as a matter of courtesy. I really like this project. It's workmanship, everything in right angle. Beautifully designed and built. Generally visitors/customers don't have eagles eye but person like me who like everything in right place hardly found a negative point.'

Bhosale - Gera’s GreensVille SkyVillas

Truly felt secured while dealing with Gera’s...Especially during the initial stage which made me consider Gera instead of other builders in town.

The details given on the construction quality and the advantages of buying a Gera Home, were truly were the insights into the construction industry.

I just felt like thanking the entire team of Gera for helping me to take a right decision and choose Gera’s over other options that I had during the final stages of purchase.

Professional yet caring attitude towards the customers makes Gera a preferred Real Estate brand - and customers like me would always take pleasure in referring Gera’s to our friends and family.

Thanks for the continued support and guidance given during the process of buying a flat at Sky Villas.

Anoop & Family - Gera’s GreensVille SkyVillas

We feel extremely lucky to own a Villa at Gera’s SkyVillas. Our choice of the property was because of its 'Villa feel' and the conveniences of a multistoried apartment building. The location is excellent for its proximity to Air, rail and bus stations and the city center, yet a quiet residential area. The villa is spacious and the design allows enough natural light and fresh air. The rock solid construction, attractive landscaping, fully equipped clubhouse & gym, well-designed pool, sloping roof villa entrance - patio, separate entrance for servant’s room and many more make the place special. The construction of a very wide concrete road connecting Nagar road and Eon is almost getting over. Once that is completed, access to the property will be excellent from Zensar and also Nagar road.

Ashish & Aprajita Sapra - Gera’s GreensVille SkyVillas

"Coming Home", takes on a new meaning when one shifts into his own house.

This much awaited even occurred in our lives in the month of June this year, after months of "shall we....shan't we " we finally decided to take the plunge and move out of our comfort zone to brave the unknown environs of Kharadi's Gera's GreensVille SkyVillas

Apprehensions we had in plenty, however the irresistible pull of living in a home we had dreamt of was too powerful to resist, so once the interiors were in place, like birds returning to their nesting place we arrived on a rainy night to occupy our Villa.

Waking up to the sound of birds chirping, and the sight of as much blue sky as we wanted to see was wonderful. The inevitable sound of traffic that accompanies city life was far off, fresh air (and gusts of air actually) we were at risk of being blown away sometimes was an exhilarating new experience. Our SkyVillas lived up to its name and we had birds actually flying through the corridors and nesting cozily in awnings. The view from our house, of the Gera's GreensVille bungalows was of this pretty urban gated community, and we kept thinking of how lucky we were to be able to enjoy the pretty picture that the bungalows made with their green landscaping.

Transforming the house into a home was a pleasure, the double heighted ceiling giving us ample space and a sense of freedom seldom found in boxed city homes. We delighted with the space in front of the house, which gave us a sense of being in a bungalow with the little walk in and passage in front, and the spacious terrace is a haven to relax in.

Having this kind of space was itself a dream comes true, we actually luxuriated in moving from the higher level to the lower level and this is especially great for our toddler who has as many play areas so whenever he needs a change we shift venues. There are days when we don't feel the need to go down and play in the garden as we've had enough of a change at home itself.

Speaking of which, the garden and club house areas are so well maintained that there have been umpteen times that I wonder HOW???? Settling in was pretty easy; basic amenities like milk and newspaper being delivered to our doorstep, and the support staff was also very helpful, actually with so much to do and think about, there was no time to miss our previous residence or friends. The house occupied our thoughts and all the time was spent in doing up nooks and corners and making the villa our home at the earliest.

In conclusion, there's no place like home and no feeling like moving into your own house, despite all the issues, this is your baby and you love it.....even though you are exhausted......spend sleepless nights, you would not want to change this baby with any other. So Thank you Team Gera, we are enjoying being in the SkyVillas and look forward to nurturing many happy moments here!!