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Gera's Sky Villas: Shraddha Ajit Kulkarni

Staying at Gera Sky Villa has always been rewarding.  The team Gera took a fantastic initiative of connecting with its customers on a daily basis. These days we spend a lot of time on computers, phones and watching television. Gera's fantastic common garden gives us an opportunity to connect with each other and mother nature. Our personal garden in the backyard is lively with chirping birds. One of them has even built a nest! Connecting to nature is a peaceful and rewarding experience that stimulates our mind and spirit.

Gera's Emerald City: Sanjukta and close ones

"Gera ECK(S) event- it always is like a breath of fresh air from your everyday live world- busy with work and running along; it was feels good catch up with the family that you extend and live with- the Community your neighbours everyone otherwise so busy meet up after ages and the smiles that assure that we are happy to be with each other and see each other.

It always is a pleasure to have GERA takes the initiative to arrange this reunion to touch back to base. It is a pleasure to be a part of the continuous association between the Service provider and the customers-GERA our builders or architects of our lodging that we with families turn into homes where OUR world then is... !!!! :)"

Gera's Emerald City: Rashmi, Shaurya & Vikas

Thank you very much again for all your effort!

In the times we are living in, it is very difficult to find business owners like Gera who connect with their existing customers even after 4 years and arrange a get together so that everyone including the kids can enjoy. It is not about the money which you guys spend, it is about the dedication, commitment and time which matters and is truly appreciated. Great way to reconnect! Thank you very much for everything! 

Gera's Emerald City: Priyanka Priyadarshini

The initiative "Lets Beat the heat at Gera's Emerald City" was an exhilarating experience!!

In today's times where we hardly get time away from the virtual world of laptops and smartphones, this initiative brought us all under one roof and rekindled the memories that meeting each other rather than greeting on a screen ,laughing together rather than smileys on Whatsapp and playing together rather than video games rejuvenates every cell of our lives.

Your power packed DJ/Events were a breath of fresh energy to us !The delicious Golas and Noodles were mouth watering and particularly enjoyed by my lil one. We definitely look forward to more such events in the future and appreciate to the core the continuous endeavor of Gera to bring us all closer!

Gera's Emerald City: CA Prashant Kalpavriksha

At the outset I would like to thank the Gera family for arranging the event on June 06. Me and my family (Parents, Brother and Sister) enjoyed the event.

The event was organized very well. What I could find is the enthusiasm with which you had arranged this event. It makes me feel proud to be part of extended Gera Family.

Looking forward for more of such events.