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Trinity Towers - Sangeeta Raghu

I am a resident of Gera’s Greensville Trinity Towers. Dance being my second love, I was elated when Gera announced Shiamak’s Dance Academy classes to be conducted in our society’s clubhouse. The studio in Engage clubhouse has turned out to be every dancer’s dream studio. We started with Shiamak’s  Summer Funk. The experience was wonderful. Gera’s team ensured we students never faced any problems. The team coordinated with Shiamak’s team to ensure a seamless experience. The next dance course was Monsoon Masti. Gera’s team ensured that this course was conducted for Gera’s Trinity Towers residents though it was not in the initial list of classes in Gera. The team again  ensured we residents had an awesome experience. Thank you team Gera for a well-designed and beautifully executed academics for its residents.

Trinity Towers - Murali krishna yarra

The coaches are professional and accommodating. Loved the way they fine tune the classes and structure to take care of the diverse group of participants. Thanks to Gera for bringing these world class facilities and coaching centers right to the doorstep.

Trinity Towers - Rajendra Panikar

I was a part of the training session and I found the coaching conducted by  the Mahesh Bhupathi Training Academy good.
While the Assistant coach was good too, and did provide salient tips to improve the participant’s learnings, I do wish that the Head coach himself would have conducted the training for a still enhanced experience. But I  must say I was overall appreciative.
I do wish Gera Developments the best in their ChildCentric endeavors as do I wish the MBTA the very best.

Trinity Towers - Alok Sneha and Anvit Patwardhan

We are very happy with the organizing and conducting of different workshops. Anvit does feel the difference in himself. He is much more social, vocal, and confident than before.  The diverse facilities available here, gives Anvit a choice to explore his strength and abilities in different ways. The academies and coaching available is of really great value.  It gives us immense pleasure to be part of Gera family and the different events that take place here. 
I appreciate the great efforts you and your team are putting to make it a grand success. Please keep it up!

Trinity Towers - Ajay Negi

As a parent, my interactions with MBTA team have been positive. The team listened to the feedback and course corrected where needed. Its been a year since Abhinav enrolled for the tennis classes at MBTA; an experience he truly values! The daily matches and drills are an exciting part of the practice and Abhinav really looks forward to. He is also encouraged by the personalized feedback the coaches give during the matches. A visit to the net will tell the level of planning and efforts put in by Coaches (Vikas Sir and Ramu Sir) and the backend team each day. My keen appreciation to the Gera ChildCentric team and the MBTA team, for creating a conducive environment for the kids at Gera Greensville.