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Gera’s Astoria  Anjali, Shabana and Rajendra Motwani

Thanks for organizing wonderful evening. We enjoyed a lot. These were wonderful moments amidst Astorian Community. Nice cool breeze with moon shining in the sky, further added charm to the event. We do wish, that we have more such get togethers and colourful evenings at our Astoria. We also sincerely thank you for all the painstaking efforts put by you personally in making the evening a memorable one

Gera’s Astoria:Sejal Nisarg Anjaria

The arrangements were fantastic. We all had a great evening. Both Shreshtha and Stavan have enjoyed fully. I congratulate you and each one of your team member for making this event a grand success. Thank you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Gera’s Astoria:  Jagmohan Singh  and Tajinder

Tajinder and I sincerely thank you and your team and deeply appreciate your thoughtful gesture. The delightful event provided an opportunity for bonding of the owners at Astoria with GDPL and among Astorians themselves.We immensely enjoyed the event and the fun time together with you and our fellow residents. Thank you!

I compliment GDPL all for the initiative and zeal with which you personally participated in it, to share fleeting moments of happiness with the residents. Teams like yours help build an organisation's image and reputation. The event to celebrate Christmas and to promote togetherness among Astorians, was memorable. The children, in particular loved it. The fire dance guys were amazing!!!. Decorated and well lit beautiful swimming pool lawns of the building made it a heavenly environment! I realize it must have required a lot thoughts and consideration in your mind and also a lot of work to organize this memorable evening. Once again, my excellent impressions about GDPL being a sincere and a friendly builder have been reconfirmed. I have been and continue to be a very happy to have chosen Astoria for our abode in Goa for a relaxed and enjoyable life, after my long years at Mumbai - thanks to the its conscientious and customer friendly builder -  GDPL!. May you stay as a progressive and responsible builder and grow.

We wish you all & your families a Happy New Year 2016!!

Gera’s Astoria:Maxwell Paes

Thanks for the great show. Both my children had a wonderful time. Wish you a Happy New year 2016 well in advance.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Gera’s Astoria: Sayed Zaheer Abbas

Thanks to GDPL for organising this Christmas party for the Astorians very well planned and our Hibah enjoyed the most . Hats off to you all....Regards Sayed Zaheer Abbas and family