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Gera's Emerald City : Dr.Veena and Sandeep Arora

I truly appreciate such initiatives that Gera group takes in an innovative way. My Kids thoroughly enjoyed and the best part was that Mr.Kumble trained all children individually and gave them valuable tips.

I am sure all of them will cherish these moments for very long time.

Gera's SkyVilla : Raghav, Savitha and Praveen

First of all our heartfelt thanks for extending us an invitation to be a part of such a memorable event. Meeting Anil Kumble was a dream come true for us. Who doesn't admire this man who is so humble and down to earth and hearing him talk reinforced that image of him. The event was so well organized, having a separate area for the kids and a separate interaction for them was a great thought. This ensured that we could also concentrate completely on what he said. And the session with him was so good and gave insight into the life of such a great cricketer. Bringing a corporate perspective into the whole interaction made the discussion very focused.

The arrangements were very nice and the whole event was organized very well indeed. It was a great honour being a part of this event and we feel proud of belonging to the Gera community which will make it possible for our kids to get coaching from these personalities. Thank you very much once again.

Gera's Song of Joy : Monica and Nimish Kasar for Harshal and Sadhana Rokade

First, thank you very much for letting Riddhi n Siddhi attend that great session. The activities that you had the children done during those two days were amazing and we can see how my daughters were excited all about it. And most amazing thing was the last day orientation. We were really amazed by those demonstrations which first looked like magic or supernatural to us! :)My daughters are actually using the memorizing tricks in their studies they learned and their actions are pretty much energetic after the workshop. They also started doing the Brain Yoga daily which is really great.So overall I would say it was a great experience and also the great learning for both children as well as we parent. We are now looking forward to the discussion once the biometric based reports are available.Thanks again for the great opportunity especially for Riddhi and Siddhi that we are sure is greatly helpful in their development.

Gera's Song of Joy : Leena, Vishal and Aryaveer Kotwal

My family takes this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful event and to let you know how much we enjoyed the event and of course meeting the legend Mr. Kumble was inspiring. I would be grateful if you would pass on my congratulations to the organizing committee and Mr. Gera. You did a great job! I have to say that your excellent organisation, time and effort paid off.
Looking forward to attend future events. Cheers!!!

Gera's Song of Joy : Jayashree and Subhash Manapure

It was great motivation to the kids & nice interaction for corporate speech where in sharing personal incidents which inspired lot might be to maximum attendant.

Once again thanks.