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Gera in News

Gera Developments unveils its new Child Centric Homes, A lifestyle customized towards your child's needs. - 1 May, 2014

A holistic 3600 approach to family living taking into account parents aspirations and needs with regards to their children is the highlight of Gera's ChildCentric homes that revolutionizes lifestyle. ChildCentricTM homes come packed with unique features such as tie ups with world class celebrity academies for professional coaching like Viswanathan Anand, Mahesh Bhupati, Shankar Mahadevan, Shiamak Davar, Anil Kumble at the project

About Gera Developments

Gera Developments, one of the pioneers of the real estate business in Pune are recognized as the creators of premium residential and commercial projects. Some of Gera Developments landmark projects in Pune are Gera's GreensVille, SkyVillas and Gera's Emerald City. Recent project launches in Pune - Isle Royale, Regent Towers, Song of Joy.

Gera Developments ventured into the Goa real estate business in 2004 with its first commercial building in downtown Panjim. Some of the projects in Goa are Gera's Astoria and Gera's Imperium amongst others. It is set to venture into the Bangalore residential real estate sector soon. Please visit for more information on Gera's ChildCentric Homes and other projects.

The concept of ChildCentric homes

Gera Developments, with a track record of over 43 years is one of the pioneers of the real estate industry and the creators of premium residential and commercial projects in Pune, Goa & Bangalore. Gera today unveiled their unique and trendsetting concept of ChildCentricTM Homes, an innovative solution offering parents inconceivable convenience along with an opportunity for their children to discover their passion and be the best they can be while living in premium contemporary homes. Flagging off yet another innovation from Gera, ChildCentricTM Homes is set to revolutionize the residential real estate sector by creating a new category of living spaces with a service orientated proposition and enabling a new way to live. This first of its kind, this never seen or heard before concept can be experienced in Song of Joy at Gera's GreensVille, Kharadi in Pune and will soon expand into Bangalore.

Backed by years of experience, expertise and in depth market research, Gera perfectly understands the needs of today's young home buyers who are working couples, living in a nuclear format with young children or are planning to start a family. They want to provide the best opportunities for their children and often sacrifice their careers for their children. An ambitious family that wishes to experience life to the fullest but is crunched on time. Gera took the customers feedback and created an innovative solution where the residents of the project could get the CONVENIENCE of never before facilities at their doorstep, features where their children could have FUN, keeping the SAFETY needs for their children in mind and DEVELOPMENT & training aspirations of their children were fulfilled. Gera signed up India's top personalities offering the best intellectual, physical and vocational coaching at the doorstep: Shankar Mahadevan for Music, Shiamak Davar for Dance, Viswanathan Anand for Chess, Mahesh Bhupati for Tennis, Anil Kumble for Cricket and Dale Carnegie for Personality Development along with other tie ups for swimming, arts, dramatics etc.

Message from the chairman

While presenting ChildCentricTM Homes, Mr. Kumar Gera, Chairman, Gera Developments said, "We at Gera pride ourselves on providing long term enjoyment to our customers. Innovation has been a hallmark of the company and there are many 'firsts' that stand to Gera Developments credit. We have introduced the 5-year warranty on real estate, insurance of buildings for 3 years, Pune's first intelligent commercial building - Gera Legend and series of IntelliplexesTM in Goa, the first shopping mall in Pune - Gera Plaza and yet again, we have created a breakthrough in innovation. The launch of ChildCentricTM Homes will create a paradigm shift in the real estate for both, the developer as well as the home buyer. We have established a new category of living spaces designed keeping the child of the home as well as the parent's lifestyles in mind. Gera's have set a new benchmark not only in real estate marketing and brand building but also setting new standards of service orientation in the realty sector."

Homes of the Future

The ChildCentricTM Homes concept development has been directly handled by Mr. Rohit Gera, Managing Director, Gera Developments who has led the project ensuring the right mix of offering, tying up with the best in class service providers and working out the details of service agreements. While passionately explaining the company's vision for the concept Mr. Rohit Gera said, "ChildCentricTM Homes is a place where parents can forge deeper bonds with their children, providing them with a fulfilling childhood, full of memories & friendships and provide an opportunity for their children to truly flourish. We believe that ChildCentricTM Homes is right for today's home buyers because it offers customers the convenience of having best in class training and other extracurricular activities for themselves and their children at their doorstep."

The Song of Joy.

Song of Joy is a part of the larger development of Gera's GreensVille, along with GardenVillas, SkyVillas and Trinity Towers at Kharadi, Pune.

  • 240 homes spread over 4 towers of 15 floors each
  • 2 & 3 Bedroom residences of 1230 & 1660 sq. ft. respectively
  • 1 car park with every 2 bedroom & 2 car parks with every 3 bedroom residence


  • Clubhouse Yoga Room
  • Chess Room BMX / Skateboard Park
  • Dance Studio Gaming Rooms
  • Tennis Courts Landscaped Gardens
  • Half Olympic swimming pool Basketball Court
  • Cricket Practice Pitch / Nets Gymnasium
  • Art Studio and Gurukul Children's Playground
  • Onsite Creche


While expressing delight on the associations with world class celebrities, Mr. Rohit Gera said, "ChildCentricTM homes will provide the residents and their children with an opportunity to learn from the best and grow in multiple dimensions. The project is conceptualized and designed to be a premium quality home with a world of opportunities for both parents and children to explore and enjoy an enriching journey. An alliance with these world class celebrities and the extension of the talents is one that we are looking forward to with great excitement. We believe that our innovative and prestigious world class concept based project will be an ideal match and extension of the ethos and vision of these individual academies."

He further added that, "Along with an array of amenities that ensure the child's holistic development, it is a never before seen proposition in the residential real estate space. It creates more time for children by eliminating travel time to and from various classes. Helps reduce the stress in the lives of the parents and allays child safety concerns since facilities are available on campus and most importantly ChildCentricTM homes offer the opportunity to build better relationships amongst parents and children. Parents can participate in the children's training and development. Children have the opportunity to make friends - participating in learning, development activities together."

Over 43 Years in real estate, reiterating its core values of trust, quality, customer first and innovation, Gera has created a documented solution with a Child Centric Agreement to safeguard the interests of home buyers by entering into 5 year agreements with each of the coaching academies. Gera has documented the promise in a separate child centric agreement with the home buyers to ensure delivery of the facilities, promised free training programs in the Arts, Sports & Development for the children. Children are provided with free training vouchers for 12 programs (in Sports, Arts & Development). Full details are available on a separate website for ChildCentricTM homes will establish a new category in the real estate space and provide its residents with not only a premium home and infrastructure but also ensure safety, convenience, fun and development for the children. The concept is innovative and demonstrates the need and sign of the changing times by catering to the needs of today's young home buyer and enabling a new way to live. A multifaceted living space that allows a child to choose and develop across art, sports, dance, music etc., is something that every parent wants to offer their child. Apart from these amenities children will also have offerings like Vedic Math, age specific computer labs & gaming rooms, yoga, BMX, skateboarding, designated gurukul areas and personality development programs with Dale Carnegie Institute.

Studying under the Gurus

On discussing this innovative concept of ChildCentricTM homes with the stalwarts like Viswanathan Anand, Mahesh Bhupati, Shankar Mahadevan, Shiamak Davar and Anil Kumble, they expressed their joy, admiration and support for this initiative. Their keen desire to be a part of such a development has led to their academies beings set up at Song of Joy. In fact Viswanathan Anand will start his first ever chess coaching academy with Gera's ChildCentricTM Homes.

Viswanathan Anand: "Gera's ChildCentricTM Homes is the solution to today's working parents who are no longer fixated on their children becoming doctors and engineers and want to provide them with the best in class opportunities to discover and nurture their talents. Gera developments has offered me the opportunity to set up my own academy and enter Pune through ChildCentricTM Homes with the Viswanathan Anand Chess Academy and provide its residents with the world class training in chess. Having my academy at your doorstep would allow me to share my joy and passion for chess at a personal level. Gera Developments has recognized a need and I am glad to be part of the solution that helps kids grow and learn while allowing their parents to balance their careers and families."

Shankar Mahadevan: "I want children to realize that there is a fun element to learning Indian classical music. I want to give parents the opportunity to provide the best in class opportunities for their children in the convenience of the homes. The foray in to Pune would be an extension of this vision to make learning of all styles of Indian music easy, accessible, and exciting through innovative methods while having a great deal of fun. In association with Gera's ChildCentricTM Homes I am bringing my academy - The Shankar Mahadevan Academy to the doorstep of its residents. It will eliminate the hassles of travel and time while proving world class learning in Indian music. With over 36 training sessions over a year we will provide both the children and parents with an opportunity to learn and experience the joy of music."

Anil Kumble: "I am extremely happy to have this opportunity to partner with Gera's ChildCentricTM Homes and nurture talent at a grass root level, where we all begin to learn to play. Through this association with my sports academy TENVIC, I hope to give today's working parents and their children an opportunity to draw from our experiences and develop their talent in a structured and scientific training environment. As a parent I too want to the best for my child minus the hassles of travel and traffic and time management, and Gera is doing exactly that with its excellent infrastructure and this association."

Mahesh Bhupathi: "Gera's ChildCentricTM Homes is an excellent way of harnessing the talent in our country while bringing together the several variables required in making of true stars. Through this association we will be bring the Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academies to the doorstep of the residents and allow for today's parents to provide their children and themselves with an opportunity to learn and grow through the best opportunities. The world class infrastructure by Gera along with our world-class professional training will allow the children to nurture their talent in the convenience and safety of their homes. The association stems from the understanding that Gera and we have of today's parents, their fast paced lives and need to provide best of everything for their children. Both institutions share the same professional values are very passionate about providing the best opportunities for children and we hope to do something very special in this space."

Shaimak Davar: "Through this association with Gera's ChildCentricTM Homes I am bringing to its residents 30 years of experience in dance. I hope to inculcate in children a sense of confidence and build their personalities while eliminating the travel and trouble involved. Teaching dance to people around the world has been part of my journey and I am taking this further by bringing my dance classes to the doorstep of Gera's ChildCentricTM Homes residents. I truly believe that with the right training and guidance, in collaboration with Gera's infrastructure we will be able to create the unexpected ...

News Archive


I’ve been a sports person, and also captained my throwball and volleyball teams. I understand the importance of extracurricular activities in our growing up years.

Trainings provide a child with the required discipline when working within teams as well as gives one the chance to follow what makes you happy. It also enables an overall development!
Dance has been my passion since I was a child and I have been thrilled to see both my little ones have this in their genes too.

This opportunity really came to my doorstep through Gera. My daughters Lavanya and Diya have had an enthralling experience being a part of not just one but three Academies (The Shiamak Davar Dan..

I cannot thank you enough for making our journey with Gera so so interesting and mind-blowing. I had never ever imagined my life taking a beautiful turn with me beginning to start my career as a music teacher that too with SMA (Shankar Mahadevan Academy) and all this has been possible only because of GERA and YOU my dear.
It is only because of your efforts and kind gesture that I could meet the man himself (Shankar Ji) and have a small recording session with him. That was like a dream come true.
I am super excited to start my journey with SMA and Gera as a teacher now.

Apart from that, Me and Prateek have always been grateful to you for making Shiamak happen for us and I ..

It was indeed a pleasure being a part of the Christmas celebrations at Astoria. Kudos to the Gera team for bringing in such a wonderful event with great carol singing participation from our own kids. It brought in the spirit of Christmas and the games, Santa, the gifts only added to it. Thanks for organising such a wonderful event which helped in community building...looking forward to many more such celebrations!


The Christmas event organised at Astoria was a big success and a big step in bridging the gap between us and Gera. It was a memorable event as we are still in the beginning of our journey of life in our little home at Astoria. The kids have been the happiest of all and what more can we ask for when we see smiles on the faces of our little ones. Kudos to you and your team for making this event a huge success! Looking forward to many more in the years to come.


The Christmas party organised by Gera at Astoria this year was a great success with good participation from kids and parents. Our children Sia and Saish enjoyed the party to the fullest. Sia, in particular, had a gala time and reiterated her stand that Anita aunty's parties are THE BEST.... We as your customers take much pride in informing our friends that such goodwill gestures are one of the many differentiators Gera brings to us, which no other builder in Goa can boast of. Many thanks to you and your team for doing an excellent job in putting up this event. We look forward to the next one! A big thanks to the Gera Management for its efforts in community building.