10 reasons why you should buy a ChildCentric® home for your child

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When we were young, our parents had to take on a number of roles to take care of us - shuttling us to different classes to make sure we have the best of opportunities, giving up on their careers to make sure we were well taken care of.

It doesn’t have to be quite the same today. You can make your life easier, while still building a better future for your child. We’ve got 2 simple words for you: ChildCentric® homes.

Here are 10 reasons why you should buy a ChildCentric® home for your child:

  • You don’t want to compromise on safety. Rounded corners, night lights, higher balcony grills, stairway guards – there’s no measure too drastic to safeguard your little one.
  • At the same time, fun is a major part of childhood - a ChildCentric® home comes with everything from an Olympic-size pool to India’s first BMX & Skateboard Park.
  • Speaking of adventure – kids who don’t love the outdoors can get into some heavy duty competition with their friends in the gaming rooms. What if we had such privileges, right?
  • The games are just the start of the privileged life though – you always want to give your kid the best opportunities. And what’s better than a personal development program conducted by the Dale Carnegie Centre from New York?
  • Or perhaps you could enrol your young one in some tennis classes at Mahesh Bhupati’s academy, right within the premises.
  • Don’t worry if you’re more of a cricket-crazy family, the little one can pick up on the fever at Anil Kumble’s academy.
  • And if he’s not inclined towards sports at all? Give his mind some exercise at Viswanathan Anand’s academy for chess.
  • ChildCentric® homes also bring you - the parent - a range of conveniences. The Resident Granny concept, for example, where a senior citizen in the complex takes care of your young one after school, till you get home from work.
  • Similarly, in the day time, the crèche and day care ensure the little ones are well taken care of while you concentrate on your career.
  • And best of all, the ChildCentric® homes are located in the most prime neighbourhoods – in Pune, Song of Joy is situated just 5min from Eon IT Park, Kharadi, so you can spend lesser time in traffic and more time at home with your kids!
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