7 home features children have today that we didn’t!

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A few years back, the possibility of living in a home with a special vehicle-free toddler zone would’ve sounded like a distant dream. But not anymore! Take a look at some swanky new features your home can have and start building a better future for your li’l one right away!

  • Remember when you were a toddler, fascinated by the staircase and switchboards? It more often than not, led your parents to trail you around the house.
    With features like round-cornered walls, stair cases with safety doors and child-proof switches, you can now live stress-free while your child plays, learns and grows without any hindrance.
  • From Vedic Math to workshops on dramatics and arts & craft, introduce your child to a wide array of lessons to help them learn beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Plus, when all this is available right at your doorstep, you needn’t even go looking for the best coaching classes!
  • A state-of-the-art BMX and Skateboard Park, something we would’ve never imagined, is now a reality for your children. India’s first BMX and Skateboard Park offers smooth, exciting rides for all age groups.
    After all, what’s life without a little fun?
  • There was a time when going out for a swim would be an event in itself. Now, however, taking a dip in a half Olympic-sized pool should become a regular affair for your kids!
  • Space! Plenty of space! That’s all a child ever really needs. Enough space to jump, run, fall and get up, only to start all over again. Let their innocence remain intact while they find their beat.
  • When at work, our parents would spend a huge part of their day worrying about us. And rightfully so.
    Let the newly-introduced Resident Granny concept alter your outlook on leaving your child behind when you head out. Resident senior citizens look after your children when they return from school or when you go out at night, so you can rest assured that they’re safe!
  • Live your aspirations through your child. Let them be the next cricket maestro or singing sensation! Live in a development that is associated with celebrity-run academies. With Anil Kumble, Shiamak Davar, Shankar Mahadevan and the likes to coach your child, his love for the art will never fade!
  • Wondering where you could find such exceptional amenities? At Gera’s Song of Joy of course! Gera Developments presents India’s first ChildCentric™ homes. Discover the world of opportunities you never had, which you can now offer your child.
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