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Gera Developments 5 Years Warranty


Real Estate with Confidence

Warranty on real estate has been offered for the very first time in India, by Gera. This reaffirms our commitment to customer satisfaction and is a testimonial of our faith in our construction work, quality, materials and designs.

The warranty includes preventive maintenance and repairs.


Preventive maintenance ensures that you do not have to worry about anything if you purchase a property from us. We ensure hassle-free functioning of all plumbing and carpentry work done by us, and a detailed electrical check and audit of electrical installations in your property. This includes pre-emptive action wherever necessary, which will prolong the life of your property. On an annual basis, we will carry out the following:


We will check all handles on doors and windows, hinges on doors for proper operation and tighten screws and replace parts wherever necessary.


We will conduct phase-wise load audit of your property and suggest remedial action in case of overloading.
Our technicians will ensure that the plug points are all functioning properly.
There will be a check for any loose contacts in the distribution board or meter box.
We will do conductivity tests to ensure that the wiring is properly laid.


There will be a check on all taps and mixers for leakages or dripping and proper operation.
Our technicians will also clean and flush out all drainage lines inside the toilet.


We will plug any gaps observed in your bathroom tiles during Preventive Maintenance.


Before the end of 5 years, we will re-paint the exteriors of your building (applicable only for commercial buildings), making it look new, all over again. This will help maintain the prime real estate values for your property.


In the event something does need repairs as a result of improper installation, supply from our end, we will replace/repair the same, as per process. Some indicative areas where this may be required include the following:


Switches, holders etc. will be replaced in case of improper functioning in the initial 3 months of your possession
Wires will be changed if damaged (except due to overload).
MCBs/ELCBs will be replaced in case these are malfunctioning.


All defect in plumbing owing to improper fittings or loose washers etc. from taps will be attended to.
Bathroom taps, flush valves and sanitary ware will be rectified where dripping, subject to parameters of normal wear and tear.
Leakages caused owing to incidental construction glitches will be rectified.


Handles that are not operating properly will be rectified or replaced.
Bearings will be replaced in case of problems in sliding windows within six months of possession.


"The warranty is a nice step taken by Gera, the staff is good, efficient & well knowledge towards their work"

Gera's Emerald City Baner - Harekishan Shivnani

"The maintenance team has been very good and proactive. I also thank Gera Developments for keeping the promise. Hats off.."

Gera's Emerald City Baner - Mr. Ashutosh Wagh

"Thank you for your prompt action with regards to my request. I also want to make a special mention regarding the cooperation and prompt support extended by your staff"

Gera's Emerald City Baner - Ashutosh Saxena

"A job well done by a dedicated and very efficient team of technical skill"

Gera's Foliage - Mr. Bhawdish Mathur

The Gera Warranty Plan, thus ensures that you get the best in convenience, security and above all, quality. With just one call!

The Gera Warranty Plan ensures that you enjoy a hassle-free life.


Any damage caused due to the act of the God, natural calamities.
Any willful or accidental damage caused to the said unit.
Any damage caused due to tampering and or changes made by other agencies and not by parties/persons/representatives of the developer.
Normal wear and tear.
Any damage due to power fluctuations or other technical problems related to external agencies.