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Our organization revolves around four core beliefs and we ensure that these values reflect in our work:

Customer First

We understand that buying a property is an important decision for our customers. Respecting this sentiment, we offer End-to-End Property Solutions to our customers.

Offering End-to-End Solutions means that we go beyond organizing site visits and disseminating project information. We guide our customers through the entire property-buying process and ensure that they find their property purchase a pleasant experience.

This reflects in the testimonials from our customers. It is when a customer is able to enjoy the potentially difficult process of choosing, buying and customizing a property that we feel we have lived up to ourselves.



"To be the most dominant and respected real estate developer."

And it is this vision that has helped us offer innovative products and services to our customers.

This in turn has helped build trust with our customers.

Knowing that we are around as a friend, truthful and dependable. Promises are meant to be kept. Always.

Over the years we have built a reputation of trust. This high level of trust has come as a result of adhering to our commitments and promises not only to our customers but also our vendors, contractors, consultants and employees.

Our customers' needs are met with equal enthusiasm whether they are Sales, Finance, Administration or Construction related. The entire team functions as a seamless unit offering the customer a high level of responsiveness. We believe that transparency fosters trust. This belief incorporated in our work has helped us earn complete trust of our customers.

Our continuous commitment to introduce innovative ideas so as to increase our customers' delight in owning a property from us.

iQ at Gera functions at both the project level as well as the individual unit level. At Gera, iQ is Innovation Quotient. We believe, it helps one see beyond the ordinary. We use it to think outside the plot. That's how we design homes, not boxes. With iQ, we keep our customers' needs in mind to create a better lifestyle for them. And there's a whole lot more. Innovations like ChildCentric® homes that are designed keeping children in mind. IntelliPlexesTM, state-of-the-art commercial complexes that transform the way people do business. And a 7-year warranty assures our commitment to quality. We've achieved all this through iQ. It's not an idea. It's a process. And it's non-stop.

Our customers are assured of the highest standards in quality.

Ensuring that whatever we do becomes a benchmark for all; no compromises in quality and effort is our hallmark.

Quality is a commitment. It's also our way of life. And this reflects in our construction, planning, execution, customer service, property management and more.

Excellence in Design: Superior ventilation and light in all apartments.Safety in electrical, parapet/railing heights, window sill levels, Fire proof wires & ELCBs.

Excellence in Quality:We follow the Indian Standard Codes that have been prescribed for the construction processes as well as the materials that are procured by us. A few of the codes we follow include those for Concrete, Brickwork, Plaster, Plumbing, Electrical works, Doors, Windows and even the mode of measurement.

Excellence in Service:Customization of documentation such as Agreements, Receipts, Possession letters, Index II. Condominium formation, Maintenance and property Management. Customization of payments to suit the customer's needs. Customization of the property that you buy to suit individual needs and preferences.

At Gera, our customers come first.

Building our dreams around the needs of our customer.

Our service extends beyond the conventional possession stage. We have a dedicated team of Customer Relationship Managers who attend to each and every query and ensure that almost all queries and complaints are addressed within 48 hours. This support is offered to our customers - and goes well beyond the traditional post possession period of dealing with customer queries and issues. And our 7 year warranty is clear indication of our confidence in our quality.