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5 Creative Ideas For Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

May 4 2018

5 Creative Ideas For Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom


Experimenting with décor ideas when it comes to doing up your child’s bedroom can be a fun activity for both you and your children. As a parent, one of the best things that you can do for your child is to put some thought into designing his or her bedroom. Getting your children to enjoy the space that they live in helps them grow into happy and creative individuals, and their involvement in the décor and design of their bedroom is a great way to hone their creativity.

Here are 5 creative décor themes for your child’s bedroom:

1. A jungle-themed bedroom:

To transform your child’s bedroom into a jungle-like haven, you will need to paint the walls messily in various hues of green, with an emphasis on forest green. You can also replace regular curtain rods with wooden branches and hang leaves and twigs around the room.

2. A sports-themed bedroom:

Motivate your kids to remain athletic by turning their bedroom into a sports-themed zone. Scores painted on the wall, sports installations across the room (like bats, racquets or medals) and framed pictures of their favourite sportspersons should do the trick.

3. A circus-style bedroom:

Keep things exciting and cheerful by mimicking a circus in your child’s bedroom. Enhancing the ceiling with wall art or wooden installations can recreate the circus dome effect. The use of bright colors like red and yellow will add to the cheeriness of the room.

4. A space-themed bedroom:

The creative use of deep blue paint on the walls, as well as prints of the moon, stars, and other planets, can help you put together a space-themed bedroom for your child. Lampshades that resemble the sun or the moon make for great installations here. A bedroom that recreates the effect of outer space is sure to keep your children fascinated.

5. An underwater-themed bedroom:

Another bedroom idea that your kids are sure to love is an underwater-themed room. Painting the walls so as to resemble the bottom of a sea or an ocean is something that your kids will love. Getting your children to imagine various forms of marine life and paint them on the walls can make this activity more fun and engaging.

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