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July 17 2020
Better work and lifestyle opportunities are the primary thought behind Indians leaving their homeland. Although they’re living and working abroad, non-resident Indians (NRIs) are still citizens of India and are willing to stay connected to their roots. Now, when it comes to the Indian real estate market, NRIs tend to receive the maximum benefits thus making it a lucrative investment opportunity for them. Moreover, with the right policies, laws and regulations in place, it is a much transparent transaction as of today. Benefits of investing in Indian real estate are plenty and they are listed right here.

July 17 2020
Gera Developments’ core values dictate that we create spaces and lifestyles that are truly worthwhile for everyone. Being one of the well-known real estate brands in Pune and Goa, it is our responsibility to bring together a living space that’s desirable and comfortable for its residents. Expanding on this thought, we have built three splendid residential spaces - Gera’s Adara, Gera’s River of Joy, and Gera’s World of Joy - across Pune and Goa and here’s where you get a glimpse into the lifestyle they offer.

June 2 2020
Urban life has become demanding for working parents since the past few years. Keeping up with the child’s academic curriculum and extra-curricular activities can get distressing especially when you’re pressed for time.

April 28 2020
For a major part of this summer, you are going to spend your time at home! Now, depending upon the type of person you are—whether an introvert or an extrovert—the quarantine period may feel peaceful or distressing to you.

April 20 2020
We know how important a role location plays in real estate. When one decides to buy a house or invest in one, the first aspect they look at is the location of the property and everything else comes after. Upper Kharadi* is one such location of Pune which has climbed up the ladder in terms of infrastructure and connectivity, making it a sought-after area of the city. The world’s top MNCs and other corporations are in the vicinity so maintaining that work-life balance will never be this easy.

October 29 2018
Smart homes are the new buzzword in the real estate sector, and for good reason. When you combine the luxury and convenience of home automation with a sustainable and cost-effective way of life, then there's just one more thing that you need to complete the definition of the perfect home - the ideal location...

October 1 2018
Kharadi has developed into a bustling economic centre. The location advantages and growing IT sector has resulted in a rise in demand for residential, retail, hospitality, health care, education and commercial developments. Here’s how this IT hub makes for a promising commercial investment:

September 27 2018
With such a strong commercial infrastructure, residential apartments in Hinjewadi are always in high demand. Here are some of the advantages of living in Hinjewadi...

April 9 2018
While home loan offers abound in the market, applying for a loan to purchase a commercial property works in a different manner. Depending on which kind of commercial property you wish to buy, the process unfolds accordingly. Here are some factors to keep in mind when applying for a loan to buy commercial property...

April 2 2018
Over the last few years, Pimpri has emerged as one of the best destinations for commercial spaces. The fast-growing infrastructure, excellent connectivity and thriving manufacturing setups make Pimpri the ideal location for any business. Here are some reasons why Pimpri is the perfect location for commercial spaces...

March 20 2018
Company culture takes a hit when the overall morale of the employees plunge downward. Studies indicate that employee morale is directly proportional to productivity – the more stressed and dissatisfied employees are, the more productivity will suffer, resulting in poor service, unhappy clients & financial loss. On the contrary, happy and content employees in a healthy environment get more work done. Employee morale can suffer due to various reasons, from a lack of communication to weak leadership. Here are a few easy steps to boost morale and bring about positive change...

March 5 2018
Hinjewadi has always been known as the bustling IT hub of Pune, but in the recent years, it has also become one of the most sought-after residential destinations of the city. Here are some reasons why more and more homebuyers are looking to invest in Hinjewadi...

February 21 2018
There’s nothing like finding the perfect home in proximity to your workplace. With the increasing population and urban chaos in our cities today, long commutes between your home and office on a daily basis can be an arduous experience. Not only does this waste a lot of time and money, but it also leaves you with a lot less in terms of energy and enthusiasm to do much else. Here are some things to look at while choosing a home near your office...

January 16 2018
Hinjawadi is one of the most bustling and coveted localities of Pune, and there are many residential projects in the area. However, Gera’s Adara is a premium residential project that stands out from everything else around here, making it one of the most sought-after homes in Pune...

December 8 2017
Home automation is a facility that enables you to centrally control a variety of household features, such as lighting, air conditioning, door locks, and more. You can remotely control all these functions using your computer, mobile phone or a control panel in your home. The advent of home automation not only promises a finer and more luxurious lifestyle, but it also assures homeowners of enhanced comfort and safety. Here are the 5 best home automation features:..

April 12 2016
Picking out paint colours can be really confusing and leave you racked with indecision. To help you choose paint colours for every room in your house, we have some tips for you.

November 1 2014
Builders in Pune are excited about the trend of real estate preferences that are increasingly favoring the city....

October 6 2014
The real estate in Pune has reached newer heights. and has evolved drastically over the years. It has gone far beyond the basic concepts of property buying....


It has been a wonderful experience in owning a commercial space at Gera's latest offering in Goa GERA GRAND.

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How has your experience been of owning a commercial space with Gera?

My experience has been excellent. I have purchased an office in Gera’s Imperium 2 and a s..

Having a commercial space in and around Panjim was our long desire and this could be possible with Gera’s.

Patto Plaza has ..

First of all I would like to thank  you  and the Gera team for organizing different workshops at our doorstep.
The best thing I have done to my kids is that I  took a right decision to buy a flat in Gera.
Because of this decision , Vishnu could attend  the development workshops that were conducted.
Vishnu was a shy child who didn't like to participate in any of the programmes.
As far as Dale Carnegie workshops is concerned   it  has given him a lot of confidence and was presenting things in a much better way and I can see a lot of improvement in him.In simple words u made a person(..

My son Tattva had been enrolled in the intermediate level and has been coached by the Vishwanathan Anand Chess Academy coach . Tattva has made remarkable strides and will be on his way to get his FIDE rating in November. A lot of credit goes to the mentor for his unique way of handling his students. He has been very patient while working with Tattva on his areas of improvement. In addition before the tournament the coach had voluntarily added additional classes and doubled his efforts to get a better performance out of Tattva. He has shown complete ownership which is commendable. I hope he continues to develop more and more chess players in the coming days.