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Tips for Picking Paint Colours for Your Home

April 12 2016




Picking out paint colours can be really confusing and leave you racked with indecision. Moreover, the decision cannot be taken lightly as it sets a room's mood and impacts how the furniture look. To help you choose paint colours for every room in your house, we have some tips for you here:

  • Begin with the smallest room in your house. This will most likely be your bathroom, a small hall or a space between rooms. Start painting so that you can see your results quickly, and if you aren’t happy with it, you can change it. To begin, select a favorite colour from an artwork, dishes, an accessory or furniture as a main colour or accent. If you have a certain hue in mind for a specific room, you can start with that as an inspiration instead.

  • While choosing a colour, think about the mood and ambiance of a room. For instance, in a bedroom, if you want a feeling of relaxation and calmness, choose soft, cool and neutral colours such as pale blue, white, pale green, etc. If you want a dramatic and intimate feeling, choose strong colours like orange, red, etc. for a statement wall. Likewise, if you want a dining area to feel sociable and lively, choose warmer, brighter and contrasting hues. If you want a formal and quiet feeling, pick deeper blue-greens and neutrals. If you want the kids’ rooms to create a feeling of agileness and excitation, pick hues that are not very intense.

  • Lighting plays an important role in colour appearance. A colour is truly seen in its original shade in natural daylight. Incandescent lighting makes colours seem warm and intense. Fluorescent lighting creates a sharp blue tone. Hence, a colour might seem gaudy when brought in front of fluorescent light, but warm when exposed to indirect light.

  • Experiment with colours on a poster board or large areas of a wall. Go beyond your comfort zone. This will give you an idea about what colour to use when. Try out different ways until you hit on something that feels fun.

  • A colour wheel can help you greatly for modifying and intensifying two or more colours. For instance, the complementary colours red and green, are most intense when used together. You will be surprised at how many colour combinations work well together, and you may even become inspired by many new colour shades.

  • If much of the house is visible at once, picking colours that work together is vital. Using darker and lighter of the same hue can work well together in such spaces.

  • Another idea is to use an environment as an inspiration for the entire room. For instance, a beach landscape — the hues of sand, water and sky work beautifully as paint colours, as well as on furniture and accessories.

  • Start paying more attention to colours around you. Look through graphic designs, photography, and all sorts of magazines for inspiration. Save those images that call your attention and begin a collection. This will hone your colour sense and make picking paint colours easier.

So, hope this list helps you in finding the right paint colour for your house.



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