4 Advantages Of ChildCentric® Homes

Living in a ChildCentric® home is perhaps the greatest gift that you can give your child. The safety and security that a child-centric home provides your child, enables her to learn and grow with abandon.

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10 reasons why you should buy a ChildCentric® home for your child

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When we were young, our parents had to take on a number of roles to take care of us - shuttling us to different classes to make sure we have the best of opportunities, giving up on their careers to make sure we were well taken care of.

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Secure your child’s future with Gera’s ChildCentric® homes

Remember those dance and singing classes you went for as a child? Those basketball matches you played with your friends? What if you were being coached by a celebrity you idolise?

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7 home features children have today that we didn’t!

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A few years back, the possibility of living in a home with a special vehicle-free toddler zone would’ve sounded like a distant dream. But not anymore! Take a look at some swanky new features your home can have and start building a better future for your li’l one right away!

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