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Gera's Trinity Towers - Zaheda D'Mello

The dance workshop did help Mikayla and Chantelle to break out of their shy shells and I'm glad they attended it. It's amazing that they have begun to express their feelings in some dance moves. I look forward to the Winter Funk anxiously. I look forward to watching my kids grow with Evolve.

Gera's Trinity Towers - SHVETA NEERAJ KUMAR

I would like to thank Team Gera for opening door to wonderful opportunities for our little champions. It could not have been so doable if we did not had these academies in our premises.
We have enrolled Dishita into swimming and she is learning very well there. The academy and their coach Rohit is doing a great job. 
We have also enrolled Dishita in Lillete Dubey's theatre academy. It was a great experience. Dishita was extremely happy and so were we. I am looking forward to have regular batch for theatre.In case a regular class is not possible then atleast one workshop in every three months will also be good. 
I would like to specially mention you Anita. The way you manage all this is fantastic..There's so much to learn from you. You have so much warmth in you. Kids feel so comfortable with you. Hoping to see you soon sometime.
Keep up the excellent work team Gera. Proud to be associated with you.

Gera's Trinity Towers - Ashish Deshpande

My family have been residents of Trinity Towers since May 2015. It takes a lot of meticulous planning to choose a home that you know will give you and the family the comfort they need. I am glad I chose Gera’s Trinity Towers at Kharadi.
While owning a home at Gera’s is a matter of great pride for my family, I would also like to comment on the engagement activities that have brought people together here. My family particularly my wife and children are blessed with understanding rhythm and pitch so when the Shiamak Davar dance Academy and Shankar Mahadevan Music academies  were announced, it was a blessing in disguise. As a family, we have tried to manage our personal work, school and professional commitments to derive the best out of these workshops. In fact we did a little recording for my mother in the recording studio and this was particularly endearing for us as a family. Lillete Dubey Academy provided much sought experience to my children to express themselves and get introduced to the theatre.
Me and my family also had the opportunity to be on stage and sing when Mr Shankar Mahadevan was invited and My wife & daughters dance when Mr. Davar was invited by the Gera management. Such moments always stay with us.
There is some meaningful learning for the 5 years old and also for the 80 year young (and above) which is what brings families still closer. In a world where people are strapped of time and unable to give precious moments to doing things together,  growing together and laughing together these opportunities come like a breath of fresh air. Still to look forward for sporting avenues and lot more within the which will make our journey much more enjoyable.
Of course in the initial stages we did have our share of settling in problems, but no matter what, the organization is true to the commitment and ensures that an issue is resolved and takes responsibility of ensuring it.
I do hope, my journey with Gera continues in the same spirit and only gets better, and more such engagements  come along, to create a stronger bond amongst not just the families participating but the community as a whole. Kudos to Gera’s ChildCentric team for the tremendous efforts to bind the families through community build program.
 So Thank you Gera team for ensuring that the Gera Brand is here to stay!

Gera's Trinity Towers - Chandrakala Bothra

I’ve been a sports person, and also captained my throwball and volleyball teams. I understand the importance of extracurricular activities in our growing up years.

Trainings provide a child with the required discipline when working within teams as well as gives one the chance to follow what makes you happy. It also enables an overall development!
Dance has been my passion since I was a child and I have been thrilled to see both my little ones have this in their genes too.

This opportunity really came to my doorstep through Gera. My daughters Lavanya and Diya have had an enthralling experience being a part of not just one but three Academies (The Shiamak Davar Dance Academy/ Lillette Dubey Theatre and the Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academy) at Gera’s GreensVille.

I have been seeing them thoroughly enjoying the sessions and, learning techniques from some of the best trainers!.

It was great that our apartment owner made the tenancy deal sweeter by granting the privileges of Academy usage. This in fact endorsed the decision that my family made to choose Gera’s Trinity Towers (GreensVille) over other properties in Kharadi .Getting all this at your doorstep is like a cherry on the cake . Many thanks to Gera and the Child Centric concept, and we look forward to continue being a part of this learning in future too.

Gera rocks..!!!!!

Gera's Trinity Towers - Himangi Vishwaroop

I cannot thank you enough for making our journey with Gera so so interesting and mind-blowing. I had never ever imagined my life taking a beautiful turn with me beginning to start my career as a music teacher that too with SMA (Shankar Mahadevan Academy) and all this has been possible only because of GERA and YOU my dear.
It is only because of your efforts and kind gesture that I could meet the man himself (Shankar Ji) and have a small recording session with him. That was like a dream come true.
I am super excited to start my journey with SMA and Gera as a teacher now.

Apart from that, Me and Prateek have always been grateful to you for making Shiamak happen for us and I can only imagine how much effort and hard work you had put in to organise that show in 2016. We really had a blast and moreover our family loved the grandeur event. It really made us feel welcomed. And now that the classes are starting soon, we cannot wait to start dancing again...

I know that the main reason of booking a flat with Gera was because of SMA and Shiamak but had never imagined that we will getting much more than that. I am sure Prateek would vouch for that as he loved the Cricket pitch and the tennis court. We both loved the Evolve Swimming Pool too...

And now that I see all these academies coming up slowly slowly, I am more and more proud of my decision of booking this flat with GERA and super excited to see how my little one benefits from these facilities when he starts using them. We feel blessed to have all these facilities within our society. Really Really Awesome...!!!

I know Thank You word is not enough for you, but THANK YOU once again for making our life so mesmerising....