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Gera's Sky Villas: Atharva, Geetanjali and Sagar Hemade

It was great fun and learning for Atharva. He enjoyed the event so much he spent lots of time to offer all his delicacies to his grandparents and cousins , explaining how he cooked it and stories of the good time he had. Indeed apart from the cooking skills we realised that there was focus on encouraging the kids to follow cleanliness and discipline while having fun. Many thanks to yourself and the entire team to give Atharva and his friends a memorable afternoon and a good learning opportunity. Look forward to more such events from the Gera team! 

"I loved the class very much.It was a great little time for the best food.I had not seen any other class like this. Thank you and lots of love!"

Gera's Sky Villas: Dishita Uttamchandani and family

Thank you for the amazing and meaningful time we spent at Gera for the cooking workshop It was a sensory delight-not only did our stomach get nourished but our minds and spirits too. I loved the introduction and detailing of each recipe, it was Feasting and Celebration of wonderfully prepared food and , Why and How food should taste this good. While I made new friends and had g8 learning -making cup cakes, pastas, wraps and many more. We also had good time celebrating our friends birthday. Thank you for this wonderful exposure and hope will happy many more !


Gera's GreensVille: Arnold, Margaret & Amedeus - D'SOUZA

"Congratulations and a Sincere Thank You for organizing creative events and workshops which benefit kids in so many ways most importantly bring smiles on their faces and give them so much joy. I appreciate Gera's building relationships through Community workshops and events which is a positive step in the right direction. There should be more family oriented events held together where in families of various other communities join together, get to know each other and make new friends to share life's experiences with each other. Thank you to all at Gera's for the wonderful effort made with such events/workshops."

Gera's Emerald City : Shantanu, Pooja and Sachin Chhaparia

Excellent initiative from Gera to introduce legends from Sports field to the children. Kids showed a lot of enthusiasm and enjoyed the time spent with Mr Anil Kumble. It certainly encouraged both kids and parents to consider Sports as a career. It was a well organized event, where not kids spent some quality time with Mr Kumble but parents also got an insight into what it takes to become a legend in sport. Kudos to Gera team for organizing such events and remain connected with their customers.

Gera's Sky Villas: Johan Jason Jolly and Alex George

Let me take this opportunity to first Congratulate you for this wonderful initiative from Gera Developments. These initiatives of engagement with your customers not only speaks volumes of the intent for customer services post sales which is seldom seen or heard of , for any builders. Whether it be the pool party , family fair or the sports day, all of them were superlative initiatives which brought about a sense of togetherness amongst the Gera's community. We do look forward to the monthly magazine which keeps us updated on the initiatives and comments from all the participants on their feeling. I will truly agree that Gera builders are not only about building homes with Brick & motor but about building communities who are proud to be part of this. I wish you lots of luck & good wishes to carry on with these initiatives.