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a day at isle royale

A day at Isle Royale is a leaf out of a picture-perfect book!
Join us as we take you through just another day of your life in our luxurious development

Gera'S Isle Royale - Clock

Imaging waking up to a leisurely coffee and newspaper read, accompanied by panoramic views and crisp air.

Gera'S Isle Royale - Outdoor
Gera'S Isle Royale - Clock Giff

Your next stop is the gym, or perhaps a visit to the Yoga/Meditation Centre to freshen your mind for the day ahead.

Gera'S Isle Royale - Meditation Centre
Gera'S Isle Royale - Clock Giff 3

After all, you’ll have plenty of time for morning exercise - with Isle Royale’s strategic location, your drive to work in the morning isn’t going to take you more than half an hour - no matter where you work in the city!

Gera'S Isle Royale - Strategic Location
Gera'S Isle Royale - Clock Giff 4

Getting home is something you’ll look forward to all day - filled with excitement for a game of football with the kids, or watching them take swimming lessons in a pool that’s 15x the size of an Olympic pool!

Gera'S Isle Royale - An Olympic Pool
Gera'S Isle Royale - Clock Giff 5

You could also opt to shoot some hoops, or challenge your neighbours to a friendly game of squash - The Club has it all.

Gera'S Isle Royale - Squash - The Club Has It All
Gera'S Isle Royale - Clock Giff 6

In fact, even a party lawn is par for the course at The Club - for special occasions made all the more memorable and hassle free to organise!

Gera'S Isle Royale - Party Lawn
Gera'S Isle Royale - Clock Giff 7

After a hearty dinner, end the kids’ day with storytime under the stars in your private garden, accentuated by the sound of crickets.

Gera'S Isle Royale -  Private Garden
Gera'S Isle Royale - Clock Giff 8

With the whole world quietened down and the kids fast asleep, it’s the perfect time for a moonlight dip in your private terrace pool before you turn in for the night.

Gera'S Isle Royale - Private Terrace Pool
Gera'S Isle Royale - Clock Giff 9

And you can rest assured that safety isn’t a concern - the development features world-class security systems. Simply shut the drapes and lock the house with a tap on your smartphone - it’s time to say goodnight.

Gera'S Isle Royale - World-Class Security Systems

To get a thorough look at our amenities, you can head to the Gallery section. Or get in touch and we’ll walk you through them!


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