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a Better Future
The concept of ChildCentric™ Homes, a premiere initiative by Gera Developments promises a way for your child to evolve and a stress-free lifestyle for you. This project of luxurious 2 & 3 BHK apartments offers the best training academies and an array of distinct features for the overall development your children.


The pride of being trained by the best academies in the country.

  • Geras Song of Joy Image 5Swimming Coaching
    • Nikhil Ladha's Kinder Sports Academy offers customized and specialized swimming lessons, from basic to advanced, across all age groups. The lessons are complemented by swimming pools of international standards, with separate pools for younger and older kids.
  • Geras Song of Joy Image 6Dramatics Workshop
    • Drama workshops help increase a child’s self-confidence as well as stage presence. Workshops are also conducted, for beginner and intermediate dramatics training.
  • Geras Song of Joy Image 7Arts & Crafts Workshop
    • From painting to origami & sculpting, your children are introduced to arts and crafts that inspire their imagination, enhancing their ability to observe and visualise.
  • Geras Song of Joy Image 8Vedic Math Coaching
    • A holistic training in problem-solving and strategic thinking through the sutras of Vedic Maths, will enrich young minds, preparing them for a brighter, better future.
  • Geras Song of Joy Image 9Dale Carnegie Personal Development
    • Besides honing your child's sporting and artistic skills, a cluster of classes and workshops are designed to improve their personal skills as well. There will be courses on public speaking and the generation next program conducted by the Dale Carnegie Training Centre, a New York based institution with the experience of a century in personal improvement.

Best quality of training for you to explore or take up a hobby or sport

  • Geras Song of Joy Image 10BMX and Skateboard Park
    • Experience the privilege of having the first BMX and Skateboard Park in India, right in your backyard!
      The state-of-the-art BMX and Skateboard Park makes for a perfect setting for smooth, exciting rides and tricks for all age groups.
  • Geras Song of Joy Image 11Basketball Court
    • A basketball court to play, practice and have fun! Here, your kids don’t just develop basic skills but are also filled with a lifelong passion for physical activity and team sports.
  • Geras Song of Joy Image 12Tennis Courts
    • Gera’s Song of Joy offers 2 full size tennis courts for both training and absolute leisure. Play, explore or practice, you have an entire court to yourself for unlimited fun!
  • Geras Song of Joy Image 13Clubhouse
    • A large clubhouse promises multiple functionalities for residents across age groups. Training rooms, gaming areas, varied academies make the clubhouse a place for development, entertainment, relaxation and delight.
  • Geras Song of Joy Image 14Swimming Pool
    • A half Olympic size pool and 4 other pools at Gera's Song of Joy provide absolute delight to the residents. Learn or play, enjoy or practice: the choice is yours! We ensure you will never run out of options when you want to take a dip.
  • Geras Song of Joy Image 15Gaming Rooms
    • Kids’ entertainment needs have been addressed to the tee, with three gaming zones, each for a different age group.
      Two play areas – children's playground and toddler's play area have been set up in vehicle-free zones.
      Summer camps co-ordinated by our team will keep your kids engaged, along with enhancing their personal skills through fun-filled and refreshing activities.

Eliminate travel time since major services are contained here

  • Geras Song of Joy Image 16Resident Granny
    • An innovative concept where resident senior citizens look after your children when they return from school or when you go out at night. Leave your child with someone you’re acquainted with so you know they’re safe. Plus, it’s a good way for senior citizens to earn some money and good company!
  • Geras Song of Joy Image 17Creche and Day-care
    • Children from the age of 6 months to 12 years can avail these facilities, run by efficient and experienced service providers in a pre-assigned area.
  • Geras Song of Joy Image 18Gurukul
    • An exclusive learning space, the Gurukul is a specially allocated area within the campus. A large, spacious room with tables, chairs and white boards have been allocated, which can be used for organizing tuition classes or simply self-studying.
  • Geras Song of Joy Image 19Carpool Planning
    • Carpool planning has been introduced to add to the convenience of parents and children alike. Children studying in the same school can be picked up and dropped by the parent of one of the children by co-ordinating and leveraging technology.

Ensure peace of mind as your child will be safe, right on the campus

  • Geras Song of Joy Image 20Outdoor Safety Features
    • a. A separate toddlers’ playground which is in a vehicle-free zone
      b. The elevators feature low-level buttons so they’re well within a child’s reach
      c. All staircases in the apartment complex are guarded with safety gate doors
          so as to ensure that the younger children don't get close to the staircase
  • Geras Song of Joy Image 21Indoor Safety Features
    • a. Higher terrace parapets and railings
      b. Windows with grills, child-proof switches and earth-leak circuit breakers in the rooms
      c. Video door phones and smoke detectors, with conduits for placing
          cameras for online surveillance, in every residence
      d. Round-cornered walls for the main passages in the house
      e. A night-light between the master bedroom and children's bedroom
      f. Anti-skid tiles and a uniquely designed lower level basin (optional) for the kid’s bathroom
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