The Gera


Realty Report

Jan 2019


Pune's real estate sector has seen many ups and downs recently. After a prolonged down cycle, it seems there are finally green shoots visible in Pune’s real estate market. There has been a marked increase in the number of new apartment launches on a year on year basis. Sales have also risen by 15% on a year on year basis. The demand improvement however, did not translate into a price rise and in fact, rates psf continued on a downward trend as the focus towards affordable housing gathers pace. Interesting changes have taken place at the consumer front as well, homebuyers have become discerning and are now focused on the reputation of the developer.

The Gera Pune Residential Realty Report – Jan 2019 summarizes the market performance of the previous months, changes on the supply and demand sides, thus making it the yardstick for Pune Realty.


About The Gera Pune Residential Realty Report

The Gera Pune Residential Realty Report is a bi-annual initiative by Gera Developments that is aimed at garnering insights on both the supply and demand sides of the residential realty market in Pune. This census based study uses feet-on-street methodology of data gathering and covers the Pune Urban Agglomeration area. The data is then validated and statistically analyzed.

What started as a knowledge gathering initiative in 2011, has now become something that realtors, IPCs, research houses, brokerage houses and banks & financial institutions in Pune look forward to. Besides a broad overview on units construction, inventory available, offtakes and prices, the report dives deeper to mine insights by price segment, square footage, stage of construction and size of unit.

About Gera Developments

Gera Developments, one of the pioneers of the real estate business in Pune is recognized as the creator of premium residential and commercial projects in Pune, Goa & Bengaluru.

Gera Developments’ pride themselves for providing long term enjoyment to their customers. Innovation has been a hallmark of the company and there are many 'firsts' that stand to Gera Developments’ credit. The 5-Year Warranty on Real Estate consisting of Preventive Maintenance & Repairs and providing Insurance of buildings was introduced by the company over 12 years ago for the first time in India and the same is now mandated by RERA. The company is driven by quality, transparency and excellence. The projects are designed around the evolving needs of their customers. Some of the revolutionary and highly successful product lines have been ChildCentricTM Homes, IntelliplexesTM, SkyVillasTM, The Imperium series amongst others.

The company’s philosophy is to ‘OUTDO’, and yet again, they have created a breakthrough in innovation with the launch of ChildCentricTM Homes, thereby creating a paradigm shift in the real estate for both, the developer as well as the home buyer. The company has established a new category of living spaces designed keeping the child of the home as well as the parent’s lifestyles in mind. Gera Developments has set a new benchmark not only in real estate marketing and brand building but also setting new standards of service orientation in the realty sector.

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