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Gera’s Misty Waters Womenbuild

India ranks 120th among 131 countries in having the lowest female workforce participation. It is hard to imagine advancement in any field without the involvement of an entire half of a country’s population. The global construction industry, the world’s largest industrial employer, accounts for 7% of the total world employment. It is still a male-dominated force.
Against this bleak background, Mr. Rohit Gera, MD, Gera Developments, envisioned equal employment opportunities for women, especially in civil engineering. Historically, women have had civil engineering roles that were relegated to the office. The dearth of women site engineers needed to be addressed.
With an aim to promote gender diversity in the real estate sector, a team of 7 women civil engineers was recruited for Misty Waters. Led by Rachana Pandit, the site in- charge, the team comprising Mugdha Rasal, Ann Mary Alex, Divya Jain, Shrutika Ware, Komal Sonwane and Priya Kohad is certainly first of its kind.

Gera Development - Team Of 7 Women Civil Engineers
The Misty Waters Team

The all-women workforce has handled almost everything at Gera’s Misty Waters, right from project planning, quality control, contractor & labour management, to store-keeping and onsite safety.
Mr. Rohit Gera’s endeavours in setting up safe and secure working conditions has enabled the all-women team to build their careers on the field instead of staying back at the desk. He was involved right from the start, from personally interviewing them and discussing challenges and solutions, to ensuring basic hygiene facilities.
The idea is to encourage and drive women to pursue their dream and fulfil their potential to the best of their abilities, skills & knowledge. And, of course, to empower women to excel without facing gender biases on a platform based solely on merit.
As our team agrees, “This job gives us a greater purpose. We are setting a new norm in the industry and creating a benchmark.”
The all-women’s team is the breakthrough innovation of the Misty Waters Project. And it all started from Mr. Gera’s belief that there’s no one who understands home better than a woman! It is also propelled by Gera’s core philosophy of ‘OUTDO’ and the promise to ‘GROW WITH GERA’.
Gera Developments’ efforts forged not only a tolerant, but a deferential work environment for all their women employees.
Women have certainly come a long way, from managing the household to building homes.