Gera's Misty Waters Logo - 2 Bhk Residential Homes in Keshav Nagar Pune
About us
Welcome to Gera Developments, creators of premium residential and commercial projects. We strive for excellence and our main objective is not just to meet our customers' expectations but to surpass them.
The company entered the world of real estate in the year 1970. Since then, it has delivered several projects that have become landmarks in their own right.
After four decades of unwavering commitment towards innovation and service, Gera is today a force to reckon with. The company has spread their footprint across Pune, Goa and Bangalore by meticulously constructing and delivering over 50 projects, with close to 6 million sq.ft. of development. Our projects proudly stand as great examples of elegant designs and robust engineering

Women Build
India ranks 120th among 131 countries, in having the lowest female workforce participation. It is hard to imagine advancement in any field without the involvement of an entire half of a country’s population.
Against this bleak background, Mr. Rohit Gera, MD, Gera Developments envisioned equal employment opportunities for women especially in civil engineering.
With the initiative to promote gender diversity in the real estate sector, a team of 7 women civil engineers were recruited for Misty Waters.

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