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Redefining The Commercial Real Estate With New Trends In 2022

Commercial Spaces | 16th September, 2022

As the industry evolves and technologies are increasingly integrated into all facets, commercial real estate trends should also emulate these changes.

The commercial real estate industry is booming, and new trends are transforming the industry. Planning structures have become incredibly complex to accommodate all needs, budgets, staff sizes, and skill levels. With this level of complexity, a desire for greater transparency into the process for potential buyers has led to new discussions about trends in 2022.

Let’s take a look at these trends and understand what the year is going to bring.


Increasing Demand for Co-Working Space

There is an increasing demand for co-working space as more and more people are working remotely or starting their businesses. Co-working space provides a flexible, affordable option for office space, and many co-working spaces offer additional amenities such as coffee shops, event spaces, and communal work areas. These spaces make it easy for growing businesses to afford a workplace. Thus acting as a catalyst on their journey to become a full-fledged firm.

Co-working spaces are often located in major cities' prime areas, with a concentration of creative professionals and entrepreneurs. However, some co-working spaces are popping up in suburban areas and smaller cities as the demand for flexible work options increases.

Commercial spaces for rent in Pune, like Gera’s Imperium Gateway provides office space for lease in Pune at a prime location paired with the latest amenities.

Some companies are even creating their own co-working spaces for employees to use, which has helped the commercial property market in Goa to grow substantially. 

Employees now have a dedicated workspace outside of their homes while still having the flexibility to work from a vacation office when needed.


Environment-Friendly Commercial Projects

Environment-friendly commercial projects are becoming more and more popular. Projects are being designed to be more sustainable and efficient, using less energy and resources. Incorporating green spaces into the building plan helps by improving the air quality and by providing a calming environment for employees and customers.

Environmental-friendly practices like rainwater harvesting, solar panels, motion sensor lighting, etc., can help businesses save money on energy costs while reducing their impact on the planet.


Demand for Wellness Amenities

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, fitness centres and other wellness amenities are becoming increasingly popular in commercial real estate. In a survey of commercial real estate professionals, 63% said that demand for these amenities has increased in the last five years.

Wellness amenities are especially popular with millennials. This demographic is health-conscious and wants to have access to fitness facilities and other wellness amenities when they are at work. These amenities also help attract and retain millennial employees.

Employers know that happy and healthy employees are more productive employees. As a result, many employers are willing to pay more for an office space with fitness facilities and other amenities like clubhouses, game rooms, etc.

The trend toward wellness amenities is only going to continue in the future. Commercial real estate professionals need to be aware of this trend and meet the needs of their tenants and clients.


Guaranteed ROI Through Guaranteed Rental Escalation

Commercial real estate is a more tangible investment than either stocks or mutual funds. When you own a piece of commercial real estate, you have a physical asset you can see and touch. This can give you a sense of security that you may not get from other types of investments. Commercial real estate is less volatile than the stock market and provides a steady income stream.

A trend that is slowly stepping in the country is guaranteed rental escalations, in which builders lease the property before sale to a second party providing the new owners with a stable source of income. For example, Gera Developments are offering three years of Guaranteed Rental with their premium commercial spaces in Goa through the projects Gera’s Imperium Premio (Kadamba Plateau), Gera’s Imperium Star (Panjim) and Gera’s Imperium Grand (Panjim).

This new trend of offering guaranteed rental escalation increases the percentage return on investment for investors in commercial real estate, leaving the mutual funds and stocks in the dust. 



As the commercial real estate industry continues to evolve, it's essential to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. From coworking spaces to micro-units, various new trends are emerging that redefine what commercial real estate looks like. By understanding these trends, you can better position yourself to take advantage of them. With that in mind, Gera Developments is carving out commercial spaces that employ sustainability measures while providing fitness centres and necessary amenities in their office space for sale in Pune and Goa. If you want to move your business to a professional address, check out Gera’s Imperium Gateway and Gera’s Imperium Premio.

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