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Cooler Homes Naturally 5 Tips To Bring Down The Heat This Summer

Living | 28th April, 2020

For a major part of this summer, you are going to spend your time at home! Now, depending upon the type of person you are whether an introvert or an extrovert the quarantine period may feel peaceful or distressing to you.

For a major part of this summer, you are going to spend your time at home!

Now, depending upon the type of person you are—whether an introvert or an extrovert—the quarantine period may feel peaceful or distressing to you. But there’s one thing that will bother you, regardless of your personality type: the summer heat!

Temperatures have already started to soar across the country. It will soon become impossible to live without a cooling appliance! Which means, you will have to prepare yourself for heftier electricity bills. However, there are some smart ways you can naturally cool your house.

Here are 5 life hacks to cool your home naturally-

1. Open & close windows at the right time

When it is cooler outside than inside, like in evenings and night, keep the windows open. It will cool down the various surfaces inside your home, like walls and floors, which absorb heat when the temperature rises.

2. Hang a wet sheet against windows

Indoor temperature usually rises as breeze from the outside flows inside. You can turn such hot breezes into cold ones simply by hanging a wet sheet in front of your windows. It will help to cool down the room quickly.

3. Cook with electronic devices

Cooking inside can heat up the room as the gas keeps burning for a long time. To avoid this, you can use cooking appliances like induction stove. You can make the experience even more fun by cooking in the balcony!

4. Choose the right bedsheets

Use cotton bedsheets that are light-weight and breathable. The fabric helps to promote airflow and ventilation inside the bedroom and helps to reduce heat.

5. Get house plants

House plants not only help to lower indoor temperatures but also keep indoor humidity in check as well as purify indoor air. Snake plant, golden pothos, fern, and aloe vera plants are the best ones to get.

So, go ahead and try these hacks this summer.

Stay indoors, stay cool, stay safe.

We, at Gera Developments, will bring you more such tips to help you enhance your living experience.

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