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Customised ChildCentric Residential Complexes Crucial During Child Growing Years

Location Of The Month | 24th March, 2022

Gone are the days when people lived in houses with gardens and backyards. When space was never a constraint, children and teenagers had plenty of room to move around and play freely.

People are leaning toward apartments rather than houses in this changing environment. This lifestyle and housing paradigm shift has had a significant impact on the younger generation. The majority of children are addicted to indoor activities such as television, video games, and cell phones. Many scientific studies have found that these addictions not only cause physical problems, but also have an impact on mental development. Outdoor sports and activities are important for children's development.

Encourage Kids to Step Out & Play

Most parents agree that they want their children to be physically fit, versatile, self-reliant, and compassionate. What if we told you that the best way to teach your children these values is to encourage them to spend more time outside?

Encouraging children to spend more time outside and away from technology benefits their physical health as well as their emotional and cognitive health. There's no denying the advantage of playing outdoor games and stepping away from the screen and into the sunshine, whether it's a trip to a nature-inspired park, hiking through the wilderness with their family, or working on a hobby that allows them to engage in active outdoor play.

How Does A Customised Kid-Focused Premises Help?

1. Physical & Mental Development
Outdoor activities elicit more enthusiasm in children when they are not confined within four walls. They become more active, which strengthens their bones and improves their fitness levels. It also aids their overall growth by allowing them to burn off excess energy and calories. When children are outside, the objects around them often stimulate their imagination, allowing them to quickly tap into their creativity.

2. Social Skills Development
An individual's social and moral code is shaped by his or her surroundings in which he or she grows up. No human can live in isolation, social interaction is necessary for people of all ages. A child's chances of developing a positive social relationship is increased when they live in a good social environment.

3. Overall Health Benefits

Limiting a child's obesity risk has a variety of long-term health implications. Obese children are more likely to develop heart disease, asthma, diabetes, and sleep apnea. Sunlight also promotes relaxation and strengthens the immune system. Children with ADHD benefit from outdoor play because it provides an outlet for the activity and energy that can cause problems indoors.

Searching for a residential complex with kid-friendly amenities with premium flats for sale in Kadamba Plateau Goa? Gera’s River of Joy is one such project where your child will experience a complete holistic growth. From sports academies to music and dance academies, the premises hosts a range of these c trainings conducted by world-renowned experts. Apart from the many ChildCentric® features, the project is also equipped with class-apart lifestyle privileges for every member of the family. Don’t go looking anywhere else for flats in Kadamba Plateau Goa, just come and visit the River of Joy by Gera Developments and experience a totally different world.

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