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A Space to Explore Childhood at Gera World of Joy

Project Of The Month | 25th March, 2022

Younger children and kindergarteners have active imaginations, and they enjoy exploring their feelings and the world with their curiosity.

Curiosity enables children to be more informed of their surroundings and to think and solve problems. Children's vocabulary expands as they use language to describe what they're thinking, seeing, hearing, or experiencing as they explore their curiosity.

You can encourage your child's curiosity by giving them opportunities to try new things. The best way to encourage and nurture your child's sense of discovery is through unstructured play. You are allowing your child to use and practise their curiosity and imagination by giving them free time to play. Allow your child to play alone and with others as much as possible, and don't intervene unless it's absolutely necessary.

Importance of a Positive Space That Enables Curiosity

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of a positive environment in parenting. Every child enjoys going on adventures. They investigate their surroundings and the relationships between objects. Allowing your child to explore is messy, but it is the most effective way for them to learn. Exploring broadens your child's understanding of the world.

In a child's early childhood period, his surroundings and environment play an important role in his learning process. Children are heavily influenced by their environment, which includes the people and objects around them, during their early childhood years. Physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and other skills are all influenced by the environment. Here are a few ways in which the surroundings help the child explore:

1. Outdoor Games
Outdoor games are extremely beneficial to learning. This is because children learn about their surroundings through outdoor games and ask questions about them. Being in an environment that fosters or motivates a child's interest in sports is beneficial to their physical well-being.

2. Including A Hobby
Having your child develop a hobby, allows them to learn or develop a skill. It ensures that their desire to learn is big and they develop the mindset of being inquisitive. Hobbies where the child expresses creatively, like arts & crafts, singing & dancing allows the kid’s better cognitive growth.

3. Making New Friends
When a space allows the child to spend more time outdoors, and away from the usual confines of their home, it becomes easier for them to open up and make new acquaintances. This enables them to become more outgoing and adds to their overall personality.

What if the residential project that you are residing in with your family, is equipped with the right set of ChildCentric® amenities which offers your children a space to explore their childhood? If you are looking for a new home for your family in Pune, a residential project in Kharadi - Gera’s World of Joy, is one such gated community that hosts a wide variety of learning avenues for your child. You will find an academy for almost every kind of hobby that your child is interested in. Make the right call and come take a look at this project if you are on the lookout for a flat in Kharadi with a well-equipped premises.

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