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Celebrity Learning Academies at your doorstep in Upper Kharadi

Project Of The Month | 29th July, 2022

In a world where everyone is constantly hustling to be the best version of themselves, it’s no surprise that even celebrities are getting in on the action. But can you believe these academies are right in your neighbourhood of Upper Kharadi!

Our project in Kharadi, Pune- Gera’s Planet of Joy aims to deliver everything a parent wants for their child. Premium safety features, a fun-filled environment, personal and holistic development outlets, and a safe space for them to explore.

Given how both our projects have integrated the most premium sports, dance, music, and personal development institutes, your children can avail several credentials from these celebrity academies when you move to any one of Gera’s ChildCentric® Homes.

Keep reading to discover which celebrities are behind these academies and what they offer.

Dale Carnegie Training Centre

Dale Carnegie Training Centre has been a global training organisation helping people for over 85 years. It has been named one of the best training organisations globally, and its programs are used by more than 2 million people every year.

The recently launched Generation Next program helps teenagers become confident and prepare them to deal with the pressure and stress of adolescence. The institute envisions developing interpersonal skills and building self-esteem through interactive workshops, role-play games, and team-building activities to prepare kids for real-life situations when they grow up.

If you want your child to develop leadership qualities, contact the Dale Carnegie Training Centre today and enrol in the Celebrity Learning Academy.

A music academy by Shankar Mahadevan

Shankar Mahadevan is a renowned Indian singer and composer who has won five Filmfare awards, one National Award, and several others. And now, he is passing on his teachings at our new residential projects in Kharadi, Pune. The academy presents lessons on all styles of Indian music through easy, accessible, and exciting methods.

They offer group and individual classes and cater to students of all levels – from beginners to advanced. In addition to offering courses in traditional Indian instruments like the sitar and tabla, the academy will also provide classes in western instruments such as the piano and guitar.

With world-class facilities and experienced teachers, this academy will be a jamming hub for music lovers in Pune. Let your children sing their own melody only with Shankar Mahadevan Academy!

A Dance Academy by Shiamak Davar

Shiamak Dance Academy is an influential name in the dance industry. Founded by award-winning Bollywood choreographer Shiamak Davar, this academy aims to provide children with an insight into various dance styles, including Bollywood, hip hop, and contemporary, with techniques from all over the world.

At Shiamak Davar’s Dance Academy in Upper Kharadi, kids receive guidance through Shiamak’s expert faculties to learn how to dance and express themselves through creativity on the stage.

Bhaichung Bhutia Academy


Bhaichung Bhutia, a name that is roared & cheered on the global stadium, has now established his football academy at Gera’s residential projects in Kharadi. Its main aim is to provide kids with holistic development as team players.

Bhaichung Bhutia has partnered with the Indian Football Association to provide kids with the best training facilities, coaches, and mentoring. It presents a gateway of opportunities for talented kids to pursue their passion by scouting and promoting talent into the country’s premier football leagues- the I-league and the ISL.

The academy also offers a yearly residential program that combines academic and athletic development, honing your child’s multiple areas of intelligence.

Rohit Sharma’s Cricket Academy

The backbone of the Indian Cricket Team– Rohit Sharma, the legend himself, is presenting his very own cricket academy for the little champions of Pune. The academy provides kids with a platform to pursue their passion, progressively build their prowess from a young age, and learn from elite coaches and cricketers. Not only does this academy carve the skills of children, but also prepares them to be dynamic and competitive.

If you want millions of fans to cheer their name in a stadium, then CricKingdom at Gera’s Planet of Joy is the first milestone for your child!


Badminton Gurukul by Pullela Gopichand



This celebrity academy is brought to you by Pullela Gopichand– Padma Bhushan, a former world champion and national coach. With these staggering credentials, this academy aims to provide high-quality badminton training to Indian players. The academy has produced some of India’s top players, including Olympic medalists Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu. This Gurukul is now an aspiring centre for Gera’s ChildCentric® Homes.

The program at Badminton Gurukul seeks to introduce children above six years of age from all backgrounds with a passion for sports, irrespective of whether they have had any former training. It will focus on improving their overall health, stamina, and agility along with building preliminary techniques, all the while enjoying this fun sport!

A place that enables various dreams!

With such an impressive directory, who wouldn’t want to live here?

These champions are crème de la crème of their fields, presenting nothing but exemplary training academies at your doorstep. What’s more? The complex is also equipped with a plethora of other amenities, such as a community clubhouse with a swimming pool, gyms, and much more, giving your child a perfect runway to take off their dreams.

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