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Factors That Will Influence Pune Real Estate Sector in 2022

Property Investment Guide | 16th August, 2022

Pune is among India’s top eight cities on the Housing Price Index (HPI). The city is gearing for a peak, estimated to surpass the average housing sales of the past four years. The post-pandemic period has generated a positive sentiment in the real estate market, where people invest in homes for LTCG and security against contingency.

Four major factors that will warrant top builders and Real Estate Developers in Pune to redecorate the real-estate sector with new projects are:

Integrated Living

Working professionals are looking for a striking boundary between job and personal life with the hybrid-work model. Homes that offer time-effective leisure are preferred. Hence, builders and developers in Pune are introducing projects that provide better amenities while retaining affordable living.

The concept of township living has germinated to take over the city of Pune itself. The typical requirements in this current era are smart-home capability, multi-level security systems, parks, gymnasiums, schools, hospitals, office spaces and multiplexes to be preferably in proximity to our homes. The residents are presented integrated complex for all their social, civic and recreational needs paired with security and surveillance of the highest degree. According to industry experts, this trend will indeed have a significant boom in 2022.

Increasing Interest from NRI Home Buyers

With rapid infrastructural development, the promising valuations of Pune properties have piqued NRI investors. People prefer buying at the initial stages of an upward trend to yield better long-term capital gains. Moreover, the city’s sustained growth has cemented an impression of secure living. 

Pune city offers two-fold aspects for NRIs– One from an investment perspective and the other for sentimental value. It provides a perfect foundation for families while presenting a secure community. Meanwhile, the burgeoning luxury segment in Pune is the top pick for most NRIs, primarily for quality living.

The increasing interest from NRI homebuyers is likely to impact Pune’s real estate sector positively. NRIs are generally willing to pay more for a property than local buyers, so their demand will help drive up prices, benefiting developers and investors in the city.

Wellness Homes

The wellness homes trend is gaining popularity in many parts of the world, and Pune is no exception. This type of home promotes healthy living and provides residents with amenities and features that encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness homes typically have fitness centres, swimming pools, and green spaces. They may also offer health and wellness programs, such as yoga classes or nutrition counselling.

With the rocky start of this decade, the demand for wellness homes is expected to grow in Pune as more and more people become interested in living a healthy lifestyle. This will have a positive impact on the city’s real estate sector.

Builders and Developers in Pune are expected to create housing societies and townships that allow holistic lifestyles for their residents.

Real Estate as an Investment Option

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of people investing in real estate. This is because real estate offers several advantages, such as– a relatively safe investment option and higher returns.

Pune is one of the most popular cities in India for real estate investment. This is because the city presents incentives for investors, including a growing economy, good infrastructure, and a large pool of potential tenants.

As more and more people invest in real estate, the demand for property in Pune is likely to increase. This will positively impact the city’s real estate sector, making it one of the most attractive markets for investors.

Other Trends

One of the most critical factors impacting Pune’s real estate sector is the overall economic situation.

With flourishing commercial zones in Pune, more people from all over the nation would migrate here. There will be increased housing demand, and prices will likely rise.

Finally, government policies can also impact the real estate sector. For example, if the government implements policies that make it easier to buy property, this could increase the demand.

Final Words

With a firm grasp on the changing market trends and consumer needs paradigm, Gera Real Estate Developers is evolving and producing projects that are in tune with what you as a homebuyer truly desire in the year 2022. For more information about our projects, check out our website.

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