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Top Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate in Pune

Property Investment Guide | 22nd August, 2023

Investing in commercial spaces in Pune promises a good return on investment over a long period of time.

Pune is known as the IT hub of Maharashtra and rightly so because of the large number of IT parks and Special Economic Zones (SEZ) it hosts. Pune is also regarded as an important manufacturing and automotive industry hub. The city is considered a knowledge base due to the presence of many educational and vocational institutes. The city has many educational institutes that attract students from all over the world. All these factors have contributed majorly to the ongoing development of commercial projects in Pune.

Economic Growth

Pune is a major IT and technology hub in India. The special efforts taken by the government to attract major IT MNCs and software companies into the city have resulted in the development of major commercial real estate zones. These industries also boost the demand for allied industries that support them. All these businesses require office spaces to function. There is a huge potential for commercial spaces with the growth of the IT sector.

Educational Institutes

Pune has many educational institutes offering training in mainstream and vocational courses. The professional courses offered here attract many students and teaching faculty. This boosts the demand for commercial spaces for coaching centers and private tuition. Many small institutions that offer courses and employable skills need commercial spaces. Investing in commercial spaces proves to be a lucrative option in the long term as they support the constant demand for skilled professionals.

Property Appreciation

As more and more industries develop in newer areas of the city one can see the emergence of more commercial spaces in these areas. Investment in the commercial value of properties is always appreciating with time. Although commercial property needs a large investment, the returns on the investment are also more than that of residential property.

Renting and Leasing

Start-ups, SMEs, and small businesses are abundant in Pune. These businesses do not have the financial power to buy office spaces. As there is a growing demand for office spaces by these small businesses, investing in commercial property and leasing them out can create a steady and handsome return. Also, businesses usually sign long-term agreements. The property owner can enjoy a regular lucrative return for long periods.

Gera’s Imperium Alpha is a major commercial landmark in Kharadi offering office space and shops of varying sizes to suit the needs of different businesses.

Gera Imperium Oasis is another commercial landmark in PCMC right off the highway. It has two floors dedicated to retail areas, two designated floors for office spaces and one for cafes and restaurants.
Investing in modern commercial spaces like these promises a good return on investment over a long period of time.

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